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medical Massage Therapy and Corrective Exercise Programs

Ask about our Post-Physiotherapy Programs - Pilates/ Myokinesis Therapy and Personal Fitness Training

About our studio 

About our Massage Therapist / Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Committed to Improving your quality of life.

TRX Suspension Training

What is MyokInesis Therapy?

Massage Therapy


We offer Myokinesis Therapy,  various Massage Therapy and Fitness programs, including Pilates apparatus and mat / floor repertoire, TRX suspension training and weight training. We have a program that benefits anyone, from the average fitness enthusiast  to an elite athlete, men and women of all ages and fitness abilities. We start off with an assessment  and medical / fitness history and then design a program that fits your needs.


Our Therapist / Fitness Trainer has successfully worked with clients of various fitness levels, injuries and postural imbalances.

We design specialized programs to accommodate all ages and abilities, from elite athletes to seniors.  We design programs to fit the individual needs and life style. You can be confident that you are receiving  professional, quality, safe care from a NYS  licensed / board certified Therapist and  Fitness Trainer.

 Myokinesis Therapy specializes in integrating Massage Therapy  and Corrective Exercise Programs.

  Staffed with Massage Therapist, Pilates  Reformer Instructor and a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Myokinesis Therapy

 Myokinesis Therapy Studio integrates Massage and Corrective Exercises to create a unique program to help transition you out of physiotherapy into an independent fitness regime. Our Program can also be used as a Stand- Alone Fitness and Wellness Program to assure you  remain Fit and Healthy for many years to come.

Weight Training

  Improving pain-free range of motion and mobility

Myokinesis Therapy is a program that combines Massage Therapy with Corrective Exercises to restore your body to a fit condition, helping to prevent future injuries.

Pilates Reformer

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