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Personal Trainer

Myokinesis Therapy Studio is a safe alternative to crowded PT & massage therapy mills 

medical Massage Therapy and Corrective Exercise Programs

​​​Myokinesis Therapy Studio

Personal Trainer

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Physical Therapy

Suspension Therapy - Improving Stability, Strength and Balance

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Corrective Exercise Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy

​​ medical / sports Massage Therapy

Corrective Exercise Therapy

 Chronic pain can create a poor quality of life. Our primary goal is to help reverse the cycle of pain and improve your quality of life.

Our NYS Licensed Therapist is committed to helping reverse the cycle of pain with  specialized  programs and one-on-one personal care.

We start with assessing  your limitations and cause of pain , design a program for your specific issues and implement a corrective plan of action to help restore your quality of life.  

We recommend Medical Diagnosis / Evaluation and Medical Clearance before starting a new Massage Therapy or Physical Fitness Program.

Start a program Today & improve your quality of Life

TRX Suspension Training
Pilates Therapy

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​Improving Your Flexibility, Stability and Range of Motion

Massage Therapy

Achieving Pain Free Mobility

 Pilates Therapy - Improving Control, Form, and Endurance

Pilates Studio

Maximizing  Range of Movement

 Myokinesis Programs focus on restoring normal Range of Motion and pain-free mobility. We focus on integrating corrective exercise, Active/ Passive stretching, Manual Soft Tissue Therapy, and Massage Therapy to improve movement and pain-free mobility.

Our clients typically find an improved range of motion, flexibility, balance, and strength. We also find endurance is vastly improved with our Fitness and Wellness Programs.

All  Personal Fitness Programs are custom designed to fit your lifestyle and specific goals. 

Our Primary Goal is helping you return to a better quality of life.

Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Training in Blue Point- Massage Therapy in Blue Point, Bayport - Pilates Reformer in Blue Point - Personal Trainer in blue point

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Helping You Reverse the Cycle of Pain

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​ It's time to get back to a Balanced Life!

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